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The Spiritual Earth|灵性大地


The Earth is seen as a harmonious, interdependent ecosystem, where each species and element has its own unique value and role to play. Dating back to the origins of humanity, the idea of a spiritual earth brings us into a state of harmony with nature, whether we worship nature spirits, cosmic forces or deeply believe that the earth has an intelligence and soul of its own. Humans perceive the land and understand the world we have appropriated by measuring places, territories and time.

Sense and satisfaction through the senses, while it can lead you towards spirituality, can also lead you away from it altogether; constant currents, fixed eddies, make it difficult to enter or leave these zones. The individual emerges from a state of solitude and intimacy is reconstructed in the territory of nature's space. It is an unbounded, shared social space, a 'house' that is both open and closed, without walls. But such a human presence is only possible if nature can wait, as long as it remains a tundra. In this process, I have tried to break down the preconceptions of the senses and the mind, to free the viewer from the busyness and distraction of everyday life. The work presents an open, shared social space that offers the viewer the opportunity to reflect, calm and reconnect.

"Walking" runs throughout the room as I attempt to examine the notion of land, home and our gestures in the presence of nature, David Le Breton says "Walking reduces the vastness of the world to the proportions of the body." We are truly alive when we are brought into the presence of the moment, intimately connected to new landscapes and cultures.

I tap into my own memories of life and use raw material as the material for my work, hoping to evoke the viewer's memories of life and combine them with reflections on the body and nature, which in turn can be reconstructed. This original belief is similar to an innate, shared memory of life that transcends national and regional differences. I trace the fragments of memory that are buried deep within me, searching for experiences and emotions that relate to nature, the body and human nature. These memories may be about moments of my intimate contact with the natural world, or they may be about the collective memory of human communities or the heritage of my ancestors.

The work uses raw materials, soil, stone, plants, ceramics, which carry traces of history and life. I combine these materials with personal memories of life, through photography, video and installation, to create works that are symbolic and meaningful. I hope to better understand and respect the wisdom and soul of the earth by exploring the natural world and our relationship with it.



感官和通过感官的满足,虽然它可以引导你走向精神,但也会让你完全远离它;恒定的水流、固定的漩涡,使人很难进入或离开这些区域。个体从孤独状态中走出,亲密关系被重新构建于大自然的空间的领土。它是一个没有界限的、共享的社会空间,是一个既开放又封闭,没有墙壁的“房子”。 但是只有在大自然还可以等待的时候,只要它还是苔原,这样的人类存在才有可能。在这个创作过程中,我试图打破感官和思维的固有模式,让观众从日常生活中的繁忙和分散中解放出来。作品呈现了一个开放的、共享的社会空间,为观众提供反思、平静和重新连接的机会。

“行走”贯穿整个房间,我尝试审视了土地、家园的概念和我们在自然面前的姿态。David Le Breton说“步行将世界的广袤缩小到身体的比例。”将我们带入当下的存在,与新的景观和文化紧密地连接在一起时,我们才正真活着。




The Spiritual Earth, Ceramics, Video, Photogaphy, 2023


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